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Our Philosophy

To provide the work component, giving our young adults with IDD a creative and supportive workplace.

To provide a supportive home addressing independent living, health care, nutrition, physical fitness, activities of daily life, and the emotional needs of our young adults.

To provide inclusive activities in the community and help our young adults engage with friends, build social skills, and contribute to their community.

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I just think the whole concept of providing both a purpose and a quality product is outstanding. Having worked with folks with intellectual disabilities, it is obvious they have so much to offer and bring an outstanding spirit and work ethic that is rare in today's workplace. I will continue to order and tell others about your company.
Veronica O.
I couldn’t be happier with my candles. Not only are they on par with any other high-end scented candle, but they help support a great cause and a better world. 5/5 Stars. I’ll certainly be buying from them in the future as well. Ps, the vanilla frosting candles smell Incredible if you need help with a scent decision.
David B.
These are high-quality candle products. That they are made by youth and adults with special needs to support themselves is heartwarming and amazing. Call ahead of time to make sure the store is open or visit their website!
David C.
A truly inspiring business. The founders created a win/win business model that gives jobs to adults with special needs while giving customers quality candles. I have had the honor of working with this nonprofit and highly recommend their products, and their people. 🙏 💯🕯
William D.

Making a Difference in South Florida

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