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IDDeal Foundation

As ScentsAbility has grown, so has our understanding of the systemic issues and gaps in services that prevent so many adults with I/DD from leading fulfilling lives. We are now working to expand our support programs to help more individuals develop their employment, social, and life skills in a personally meaningful and productive way.

We are evolving to become the IDDeal Foundation, building relationships with local retailers, service providers, and recreational facilities to improve and expand the opportunities that are available for adults with I/DD. Ultimately, our goal is to create a loving, supportive, inclusive community where our young adults can WORK, LIVE, and PLAY. Through these three focuses, we are working to create the ideal lifestyle for adults with I/DD.


Engaging in meaningful, fulfilling activities have a wide range of mental, emotional, and even physical benefits for adults with I/DD. Our vision is to create an environment in which each individual plays a role in the development, creation, and sale of our scented artisan products for home and body.


Long-term support that fosters as much independence as possible is an important goal for families with loved ones affected by I/DD. Our goal is to create an affordable, inclusive, safe and supportive community where young adults with I/DD are able to live independent and fulfilling lives.


A life with no play is no fun for anyone! We want adults with I/DD to live life to the fullest, which is why we work to build a community where young adults with I/DD are given opportunities to connect and enjoy safe, fun recreation building long-term friendships and relationship and be an integral member of their community.

To learn more and support the IDDeal lifestyle for adults with I/DD in our community, please contact us today at 954-234-4405 or

Making a Difference in South Florida

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