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How Your Donations Help

ScentsAbility d/b/a The IDDeal Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, and your gift will immediately provide adults with I/DD with opportunities to WORK, LIVE, PLAY and participate in our community — and thrive! — through our holistic, whole-person programs.

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Making A Difference in South Florida

Give your life purpose and positivity. Find your true potential. Know you have the ability to impact lives through gratitude and by supporting our mission at ScentsAbility.
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Our Mission

At ScentsAbility, our company’s mission is to provide job training, employment, and supported housing for adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). We help our artisans realize their full potential and create beautifully crafted artisan scented candles.

Please make a gift today!

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We are so excited to expand our work and improve the quality of life for more adults with I/DD, and reduce the risks of poverty, obesity, and depression that are so prevalent among individuals with disabilities. We hope to work together towards this mission, and look forward to answering any questions or provide any additional information you may like — just let us know!

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